Our "solution" approach

We assist you from the writing of your specifications to commissioning of your equipment. Taking into account your functional needs and your constraints are our priority. Our business experts are entirely oriented towards the success of your project.
Winch 400V electric FXLD24HS with clutch, frequency inverter and remote with potentiometer
CAD station, finite elements calculation

The best product, at the best price

Because the best technical solution is only worthwhile if it fits your budget, we have developed customizable winches ranges from our standard and industrialized bases. The price of our winches is for us an integral part of the performance of our solutions.
Winch 400V 30 tonnes Manufor

The "multi-technology" approach

Defence, marine, oil & gas, industry... the requirements of varied industries of our customers have led us to develop specific solutions. In a process of improvement and optimization of our products, we transfer daily these solutions into products for other industries. So today, our automotive customers takes benefit of the latest progress in protecting and sealing assets developed for defence.
Winch 400V SB307 double drum electric ATEX BV NR526
Electric 400V ATEX offshore winch